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Reverse Semi-Wireless Counter System            

Using features of our advanced digital transmitter, such as voice operation and many user adjustable shooting modes, makes this system perfect for Skeet, or any situation where button release wiring is unwanted, at a lower price than an all wireless system.

▪ FEATURES: - Counts up or down
- Preload rounds of 25 or single target count
- Pay or Free Play modes   
- Wireless Button Controller
- Wired trap control
- Choice of adjustable shooting modes
- Advanced interference resistant protocol
- User selectable  Voice Release mode with lapel mic.
- Solo Shooter mode with audible countdown
   before release   
- Optional full sized microphone & stand
- Compatible with all BRB counters


Manages counter system operation. Designed to make loading/unloading of shooter Dongles, counter unit settings and monitoring target use, so simple that any team member will be an expert in minutes.

▪ FEATURES - No complicated software to confuse the user
- Creates Free Play, Preload or Single Count management
- Tracks target use with built in ‘Totalizer’
- Sets equipment Ground ID to ensure security
- Only 1 needed per club irrespective of counter number or
- Wall plug in, or battery powered options

1 x Reverse Semi-Wireless Counter
1 x Button Controller
5 x Dongles

12 x Reverse Semi-Wireless Counters
12 x Button Controllers
60 x Dongles
1 x Console

Console $265


View the RSWC Manual

View the Console Manual