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Tally Trap Counter                                                            

For use with Wired BRB or Canterbury Trap Voice Release Systems. Installation requires no external power source or wiring. Just plug it into your trap system's
existing Power Supply and Control Box using the provided cable, and go!

▪ FEATURES - Counts up or down
- Preload rounds of 25 or single target count
- Pay or Free Play modes
- Adds no delay to your calls
- Compatible with all BRB counters


Manages counter system operation. Designed to make loading/unloading of shooter Dongles, counter unit settings and monitoring target use, so simple that any team member will be an expert in minutes.

▪ FEATURES - No complicated software to confuse the user
- Creates Free Play, Preload or Single Count management
- Tracks target use with built in ‘Totalizer’
- Sets equipment Ground ID to ensure security
- Only 1 needed per club irrespective of counter
  number or type
- Wall plug in, or battery powered options

Tally Trap Counter $395

Console $265


View the TT Manual

View the Console Manual