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Wired Counter System                                          

Employs many of the same features as our semi-wireless and fully-wireless counters at a fraction of the price. Ideal for fixed location traps. Available with your choice of a 1or 3 button release cord for use with any 1 or 2 trap combination of Trap, Skeet or Sporting clays.

▪ FEATURES: - Counts up or down
- Preload rounds of 25 or single target count
- Pay or Free Play modes
- Solo Shooter mode with audible countdown before release
- Wired button release
- Wired trap control
- Powered from your trap or an external source
- Compatible with all BRB counters


Manages counter system operation. Designed to make loading/unloading of shooter Dongles, counter unit settings and monitoring target use, so simple that any team member will be an expert in minutes.

▪ FEATURES - No complicated software to confuse the user
- Creates Free Play, Preload or Single Count Management
- Tracks target use with built in ‘Totalizer’
- Sets equipment Ground ID to ensure security
- Only 1 needed per club irrespective of counter number
   or type
- Wall plug in, or battery powered options

Wired Release Counter System $545

12 Wired Counters + Console $6545

Console $265


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